Dear friends guests and business partners!

Hotel Mundal will be closed for renovation

Maintenance through the autumn and winter has revealed the need for comprehensive improvements that can’t be postponed.
The long tradition of opening the hotel for the summer is therefore unfortunately interrupted this year.

The cooperation project on external maintenance with the supervisory authority we hope to implement simultaneously.
Preliminary plan is therefore that the hotel will be keep closed for guests in both 2018 and 2019.

In the meantime, we will recommend our partner hotel, Tørvis Hotell - www.torvis.no
which extends opening hours and season this year!

More information will be posted on a continuous basis.
Majestic Hotel Mundal in Fjærland is a unique example of the Norwegian hotel tradition from the late 1800s and we take great pride in holding on to the authentic and atmosphere even today.
Hotel Mundal offers a unique experience and is mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide to travel, Travel & Leisure, and National Geographic Traveller as a hotel well worth a stay.
Travel in time and sit down in a deep leather chair, made by local craftsmen over a hundred years ago. The world changes and evolves in a racing speed, but at Hotel Mundal in Fjærland time stands still. Find this unique kind of nostalgic atmosphere, surrounded by the Sognefjord, the mountains and glaciers.
 Come and see for yourself!